In these fields we offer a wide range of medical devices as:

  • Graft stent
  • Vertebroplasty needles
  • Cement
  • Drug Coated Balloon (DCB) 
  • Balloon dilatation catheter 
  • Self-expandable peripheral stent 
  • CoCr stent system
  • Peripheral support catheter
  • Drug-eluting peripheral stent
  • PTA balloon dilatation catheter
  • Pulmonary thrombus extractor
  • ​​Peripheral covered stent
  • Air decontamination 
  • Hemostatic dressing
  • Occluders
  • Vena Cava filter
  • Vascular Plugs
  • Embolic Coil System
  • MIcrocatheter
  • Safe biopsy specimen containers
  • Hemostatic dressing

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