A range of anaesthesia breathing systems, anaesthetic face masks, and accessories for use in the operating room, recovery and emergency care.

Anaesthetic Face Masks

  • Anaesthetic face masks – single use
  • Anatomical anaesthetic face masks – reprocessable

Anaesthetic Breathing Systems

  • Adult circle breathing systems
  • Coaxial breathing systems
  • Bi-lumen breathing system
  • Mapleson breathing systems
  • Paediatric circle breathing systems
  • Paediatric breathing systems with paediatric APL valve
  • Reprocessable breathing systems and tubes

Breathing System Accessories

  • Reservoir bags
  • Monitoring lines & spirometry
  • System accessories
  • Reprocessable connectors
  • Reprocessable breathing system accessories

CO2 Absorbents

  • Medical grade soda lime
  • Medical grade alkali-hydroxide-free carbon dioxide absorbent
  • Loose fill options
  • Pre-filled disposable absorbent cartridge
  • Pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber

Resuscitation and Emergency Care

  • BVMs and resuscitation mask
  • Resuscitation and emergency care breathing systems
  • Oxygen and nitrous oxide delivery systems
  • Airway Management
  • Oxygen therapy

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