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Rauché Medical group provides suppliers with marketing, promotion and distribution of healthcare products in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Rauché Medical is a company whose primary business is registration and promotion of pharmaceutical and medical products focusing on anesthesiology, intensive care and oncology.

Rauché Medical has became a leading supplier in anesthesia , critical and intensive care areas with a broad portfolio of products for airway management, patient monitoring, vascular access, pain management, infusion, safety devices, drainage systems and temperature management.

Rauché Medical has identified surgery, orthopedics and interventional radiology as the areas of its future growth and this areas have become strong focus of our future activities.

Regional Contact Information

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rauché Medical d.o.o.
PDV: 227654340004
IDB: 4227654340004
Zagrebačka 4, Mostar


Rauché Medical d.o.o.
Gostivarska 89, 11000 Beograd


Rauché Medical Kft.
Tax reg no. 27716887-2-43
Lágymányosi utca 12. gszt. 2, Budapest

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